DC Environment

DC Environment was orginally created out of three companies unified in one division with one passion for the environment. This unique combination makes DC Environment one of the biggest environmental cleaning companies of our country with a range of soil remediation, lagooning centers, final respositories, onsite and in situ remediation projects at home and abroad.

De companies Bioterra, AWS and Onsite are the foundation on which the two divisions Bioterra and DC Onsite remediation are built. The acquisition of Solaz reinforced the position of the Group De Cloedt in the Walloon part of Belgium.

DC Onsite remediation and Solaz perform onsite remediation. By using a range of modern techniques soil, groundwater and air are cleaned. In-situ techniques as well as the classical excavation of contaminated soil is possible.

Bioterra takes care of the processing of dirty soil, silt and granules through extensive biological soil remediation as well as using physico-chemical soil cleaning using modern techniques. Bioterra also offers  treatment of silt by means of lagooning and final storage.

Our activities

Bioterra is a contractor for soil and groundwater decontamination works recognised by the Flemish government. The company provides tailor-made solutions for the whole issue both on a technical and financial level.

As a pioneer, Bioterra has built up enormous experience and vast expertise. Bioterra therefore in no way shrinks from employing its know-how and the latest techniques. This means that Bioterra can provide a solution to any problem.

The recognised centre for soil decontamination (CGR) is also recognised as an interim storage place (TOP) for excavated soil. The company specialises in the processing of contaminated soil, mineral waste (used sand, sewage slurry, churn slurry, blasting grit, clearance material, etc.) and carrying out full soil decontamination projects.

The materials supplied are biologically or physically-chemically cleaned in Opglabbeek. Thermal cleaning is also available with the help of an external processor. In the framework of the earth-moving regulation, Bioterra nv operates a TOP in Opglabbeek and Overpelt, where excess soils are processed in accordance with current legislation. Every year Bioterra nv processes 100,000 tonnes of cleaned soils and mineral waste.

Bioterra nv aims to provide a solution for all soils, regardless of the level of decontamination and structure of the material. As well as the existing exploitation of a CGR and 2 TOPs, the company is also committed to outsourcing a definitive storage place (DOP) for excavated soils, where soil deposits of a certain environmentally-hygienic quality can be stored definitively. The latter takes place with the help of subsidiary Depoterra nv.

Why DC Environment ?

DC Environment maîtrise le sol de "A à Z" des technologies qui s'y rapportent.

DC Environnement du Groupe De Cloedt qui compte quelques 300 collaborateurs répartis dans plus de 20 entités juridiques couvrant les activités aussi diverses que:
  • Le traitement des sols et boues pollués
  • Le dragage et la gestion des boues de dragage
  • Logistique/Transport
  • La production de sables et granulats pour le secteur de la construction
  • L’assainissement des sites et sols pollués
DC Environment vous fait bénéficier de l’expérience acquise par ses collaborateurs depuis plus de 20 ans. Leur expertise porte sur:
  • Les technologies d’enfouissement et d’étanchéification
  • La reconversion des sites désaffectés
  • Les travaux de terrassement
  • La déconstruction

Contacting us

You can contact us at:

Bioterra NV

Bilzerweg 15
3600 Genk

T +32 89 85 89 85
F +32 89 85 20 88

Nijverheidslaan 1527
3660 Opglabbeek

T +32 89 51 01 01
F +32 89 85 20 88

Bilzerweg 15
3600 Genk

Tel.: +32 (0)497 43 15 11

DC Environment
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