Our mission

It was Johannes De Cloedt, a flemish civil contractor, who in 1875,  took the step from shore to water and started to specialise in hydraulic works, mainly maintenance dredging works in Ostend.
The De Cloedt family built up a lot of experience in  aggregate and maintenance dredging as well as hydraulic en civil works during this 150 years.
In 1981 the family started an aggregate company in the harbour of Nieuwpoort (Belgium). Later on new waterbound aggregate terminals were established in the maritime ports of Ostend and Bruges. Since the mid 1990's Group De Cloedt followed with great interest the evolution and growth of the inland waterways traffic in Europe. De Cloedt's  first inland terminal was operational in 1997.
In the year 2000, ir. Gery De Cloedt, started to shape his Group. Nowadays Group De Cloedt comprises 5 divisions : Dredging, Aggregates, ready-mixed Concrete, Environment and Soil Cleaning and Offshore sevices. On top of that Group De Cloedt also developped internationally thanks to the acquisition and or  establishment of new companies in France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia.

A company in full expansion

Driven by hunger for expansion, the group is swift to react to ever changing market conditions in a flexibel and dynamic way. This is the only way to recognize trends and needs in a quickly changing market and to be able to respond as an early adapter.

Supportive role

Group De Cloedt's primary mission is to support its divisions proactively in function of growth and value creation with respect for customers, employees and other stakeholders.