Important addition to the fleet: Shipbuilding contract for a multi- purpose 5450 m3 TSHD signed.

16|01|17 Group De Cloedt formally ordered in December 2016 a multi-purpose 5450 m3 TSHD  (to be named 'DC Orisant').The ship will be built by IHC for a joint venture between  Den Herder (Reimerswaal Dredging) and Group De Cloedt. The cooperation with  Reimerswaal Dredging enables Group De Cloedt to tap into the substantial  shipbuilding experience of the team around Bert Den Herder.
The ship will become operational Q2 2018.

DC Orisant can perform a wide range of projects due to the integrated vessel design  and dredging, screening and unloading equipment. The dredge installation has  especially been designed to dredge marine aggregates (sand and gravel) for the  construction industry. The vessel is also extremely suitable to perform regular  dredging projects such as maintenance dredging and beach nourishment. The DP2  installation also enables the vessel to perform support activities for the construction  of offshore wind farms.